What Our Clients Say:

“Growth Path interviewed our clients and helped crystallize the value we brought to them. By communicating this value, and our sector specificity, we were able to clearly differentiate JCA as we positioned for a sale.”

- Jack Chute, JCA

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Sales Management

We’ll help you craft your sales force into the team you need to grow, determine whether you need geographical, segment driven or portfolio-based territories; and optimize these sales territories to drive opportunities.

Sales Management

If you rely on your existing customer-base for more than 40% of annual revenue, then you can benefit from a shift to establishing a Hunter-Farmer methodology. We can help implement this sales-split which segregates new from repeat business, allowing your best ‘street people’ to sell full-time while inside sales and client management specialists pro-actively support existing customers.

Our ‘white spot’ determination can help pinpoint locations for new sales-only offices/branches, while maximizing the effectiveness of your sales staff by limiting travel.

Examining your sales processes will help streamline the time spent closing by your sales staff, as we look how to maximize sales leads, qualification, proposals, follow-up, commissioning and handover to customer service.

As part of your over-all target marketing approach, we can help in transforming your sales force to value-add selling techniques. We can also assist in determining the efficacy of a dedicated service force or inside sales support.