What Our Clients Say:

“Growth Path interviewed our clients and helped crystallize the value we brought to them. By communicating this value, and our sector specificity, we were able to clearly differentiate JCA as we positioned for a sale.”

- Jack Chute, JCA

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B2B Networking Skills Workshop

Referrals and word-of-mouth are the #1 source of new customers for B2B companies.

This workshop is designed to make it possible to start networking with confidence. We cover the “how to” basics, including starting a conversation, breaking into a group, and what to say. Each participant leaves with a course workbook, to allow them to design their personal networking plan.

Measuring Networking Success

Discipline is the key to networking success. Our approach enables tracking of key metrics to indicate the value of your networking efforts:

  • Financial impact
  • Depth of relationship
  • Follow-up required
  • Nature of contact
    • Potential customer
    • Potential colleague
    • Potential supplier
    • Potential connector
  • Networking plan progress

Most importantly, in addition to setting targets, you need to be able to describe:

  • Remedial activities if you fall short of your targets
  • Milestones – trigger points for participation changes.

» B2B Networking Skills Workshop includes:

Price: $250/person. Minumum 10, maximum 20 participants.   

When: On Demand

Where: Hart House ( 7 Hart House Cir  Toronto, ON M5S 3H3) 


                            B2B Networking Workshop                                           

 Download the B2B Networking Skills Workshop Brochure