What Our Clients Say:

“Growth Path interviewed our clients and helped crystallize the value we brought to them. By communicating this value, and our sector specificity, we were able to clearly differentiate JCA as we positioned for a sale.”

- Jack Chute, JCA

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Case Studies

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to sell a product rather than a service? At Growth Path, we’ve worked with lots of companies over the years to increase their sales and stabilize their cash flow by ‘productizing’ their services.

Breaking into foreign markets is tricky and moving ahead without knowing your new market often leads to costly missteps. That’s why the Italian Trade Commission (ITC) approached Growth Path. They wanted to help Italy’s forward-thinking security systems companies expand into America, but they needed a navigator.

At the age of 70, Jack came to us with a simple proposal: he wanted to retire. He had run his employee benefit plans company, John Chute & Associates (JCA), for over two decades and was looking to sell his business. Yet in spite of his and his company’s success, Jack was still worried. Could anyone possibly run the business without him? Were they specialized enough attract prospective buyers? They were important questions and they looked to Growth Path to solve them.

Sex games. Erotic lingerie. Furry handcuffs. Lovecraft, an erotic company “celebrating sexuality since 1972,” had two stores and lots of engaging merchandise. But it also had a challenge: both its Mississauga and Yorkville stores struggled. Their one-size-fits-all approach to managing both stores simply wasn’t working. By the time the owners approached Growth Path, they were frustrated. They felt they had tried everything but nothing had worked.

Brendan was concerned. As the head of MinePros, a three-person recruitment agency, Brendan was responsible for finding top-tier mining engineers and geoscientists for Canada’s mining industry. And while his company was certainly successful, Brendan worried that it wasn’t focused enough. He looked to Growth Path for help.

A reality check. Many consultants are happy to tell their clients exactly what they want to hear. But at Growth Path, we specialize in telling our clients what they need to hear. Even when it makes for awkward, lip-biting conversations.